Alternatives to Payday Loans

More and more people are using guaranteed no teletrack payday loans as means of obtaining the cash amount that they need on an everyday basis. There are several reasons why borrowers are flocking to this type of financial product and here are a few of those:

    • Easy to get
    • Fast, same day approval
    • No Teletrack
    • No Fax
    • No Documents
    • No Checks


Looking over at the list, it is easy to see why people are using it. There is no wonder that borrowers are seeing it as a heaven sent for them.

Alternatives to Payday Loans-

Though this form of loan is very popular, it does not mean that it’s all positive. Like any financial product, there is a risk that’s involved with taking it out. You should also be aware of that. The interest rates involved are very high. The fees are based on very short periods like a week or two and that is why the high rates are not so obvious. Using the same rate, if the interest was computed annually for these loans, it could be anywhere from 500% to 800%.

That is such an insanely expensive interest to pay. Are you willing to burden yourself with that?

You might think twice, when you get to know that there are alternatives to this type of loan. Yes, there are other ways of getting the money that you need. You should explore these alternatives first. They are not as fast or as easy to take as a loan from a payday company, but they could be a smarter choice in the long run:

Negotiate Your Bill

      • If you need the money in order to pay a creditor or pay a bill, then try negotiating an extension first. Normally they should be willing to give you more time, especially if you call ahead of the date when payment is due. Even if they charge you a late fee, that might still be lower than having to pay for the interest of a loan.

Ask Your Boss

      • Try asking for an advance from your boss. Some employers do not have this option, but it wouldn’t hurt if you try and you could save more that way.

Borrow from Relatives

      • Try borrowing the amount from people that you know. This might sound too simple but many forego this option without even trying it. This is a lot better because all that you need to payback is the amount that you actually used.

Try Your Luck in a Bank

      • There are some small banks now that are offering loans for small amounts. You can try that since the interest involved is lower. Though getting an approval for a loan like that would not be an easy thing.


Those are just a few of the alternatives to getting a loan from a payday company that you ought to explore.

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